Ways to Use Wallpaper (That Aren’t On a Wall)

Ways to Use Wallpaper (That Aren’t On a Wall)

Wallpaper might not be in fashion to put on your walls these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon it entirely. There are many ways you can use wallpaper to spice up your kitchen, bathroom, or other room in your home.

Before you throw out that roll you have laying around, consider using it to bring life to one or more of these places:

Kitchen and Bathroom

What does the back of your pantry look like? Or the back of the medicine cabinet in your bathroom? You look inside them every day but probably don’t remember.wallpaper lining a medicine cabinet

Use wallpaper to brighten up those spaces and make them stand out to you and your guests. Choose a color that compliments the rest of your room, or add a pop of bold color for contrast. Changing the pattern is as easy as removing the paper.

Take things a step further by covering your cabinets, or even your refrigerator in wallpaper. This is a low-cost way to give your kitchen a makeover and cover up old, unsightly paint or wood. You can

Staircaseswallpaper on stairs

The same logic applies to the baseboards on your stairs. You walk up and down them multiple times per day but probably don’t take much notice of what they look like. Again, wallpaper can change that.

Wallpaper is durable enough to withstand foot traffic while still being stylish. If you have an open staircase, you can also use it on the underside of the stairs to add a pop of color in an unexpected place.

Unlike paint, wallpaper can easily be removed if you change your mind or decide to put your home on the market.

Work of Art

Some wallpaper patterns are too much to be used on an entire room but look great when treated as a work of art.

Cut a small section of wallpaper and put it in a frame for an easy and inexpensive piece of art. Your guests will never know the difference, and it will be sure to serve as a conversation starter.

This is only the beginning of how you can use wallpaper in innovate ways throughout your home. Our team can help you incorporate wallpaper into your plans for a kitchen or bathroom renovation.