Our Top 3 Remodeling Projects of 2017

Our Top 3 Remodeling Projects of 2017

As the year winds down, we thought we would take the opportunity to show off some of the great work we’ve done in 2017. Everyone needs to brag a little bit right?

From major overhauls to minor tweaks, we did it all and end the year with even more satisfied clients in our portfolio. Hopefully these designs will provide the inspiration you need to kickstart a kitchen or bathroom renovation project of your own in the New Year.

Cozy Industrial

Cozy and industrial sound like two words that do not go together, especially when it comes to a home’s design. A project is usually one or theCozy Industrial kitchen in Denver other, with little wiggle room in between.

Our team found a way to achieve both when remodeling a Denver home this year. We used elements like subway tiles and exposed shelves to create an industrial feeling. Plants, cookbooks, and other softer touches helped provide the cozy side of the equation.

If you are torn between these two design styles, don’t restrict your thinking by forcing yourself to choose one or the other. Just as with this home, there’s likely a way to incorporate both into your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Elegant Black and White

While Elegant black and white kitchen in Littletoncolor trends may come and go, black and white is one combination that’s truly timeless. We used it to transform a Littleton, Colorado kitchen into a space that will look stunning for years to come — no matter what’s in style.\

Sleek black cabinets compliment a cool white countertop in this design, and both black and white pair nicely with stainless steel appliances. We also used black and white details like a black trim mirror on the wall and white storage jars on the counter.

But just because black and white are the main elements of this palette doesn’t mean we forgot about the other colors completely. We utilized bold colors for accent pieces like a powder blue utensil holder and a bowl of bright yellow lemons on the counter.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Not every project we did in 2017 was a major kitchen or bathroom renovation. A major component of this home in Denver was resurfacing anCabinet resufracing projectd painting the kitchen cabinets.

Those cabinets went from dull and drab to a focal point of the kitchen thanks to the eye-catching shade of navy blue set against lighter tile and countertops. Metal knobs and handles added even more visual contrast and walked the line between rustic and chic.

This project was a great example of the fact that even the smallest changes can make a big difference in a kitchen renovation. Think your project is too small? The only way you’ll know for sure is to ask!

What Will 2018 Bring?

We can’t wait to find out! We hope to continue helping our clients achieve the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams.

If you’d like to add your project to this collection, contact us to get started.