Common Problems Associated with Tiled Floors

Common Problems Associated with Tiled Floors

It takes a lot of preparation to be able to tile your kitchen and bathroom floors correctly. While the process might not be quite as difficult as fabricating an entirely new set of cabinets and rewiring your whole electrical system, there are still a variety of challenges associated with installing tile flooring. Here are a few of those problems: Loose tiles. By far the most common problem with tiled floors is when tiles come loose. The tile might sound hollow or have a grinding sound when pressure is put on it, or it might actually fully come off the floor. This is a particularly big problem when tile is placed directly on concrete slabs. There are a number of reasons the tile could loosen, including a lack of soft or control joints around the perimeter and in the tilework. Ceramic tiles often expand and contract depending on the moisture and Continue reading

Tips for Planning a Winter Remodel

The midst of winter is when we find ourselves stuck inside staring at our perhaps unsatisfactory kitchen and bath. Families come to our home and we seem to spend more and more time cooking in our kitchens as the days get shorter and colder. Winter is a fantastic time to start your kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Remodeling can be one of the more expensive and time consuming projects a home owner can start, and it’s important to make adequate plans prior to starting such an impactful project. Here are some things a homeowner should consider before taking the plunge into a kitchen or bath remodel. You can save yourself and your designer a huge headache by beginning with a budget. How much are you willing to spend to get everything you’ve ever wanted in your new kitchen or bath? Depending on how much you would like to see changed, Continue reading

Eco-Chic: Sustainable Design for the Bathroom

In bathroom design, “green” is more than just a color. With homeowners adopting a heartfelt commitment to environmental sustainability, manufacturers are following suite and providing solutions for modern families. Creating an eco-friendly bathroom can save money and resources without sacrificing an ounce of performance or elegance. During a bathroom remodel, an easy way to go green is to select low-flow fixtures. Switching to water-efficient plumbing fixtures could save the average household as much as $50 to $100 a year on water and wastewater bills, and also reduces the environmental impact of the household. One beautiful, new option from manufacturer TOTO is their DuoFit In-Wall Tank System. TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer to receive the EPA’s Water Efficiency Leader Award and this design, released this year, reflect what TOTO calls a “commitment to great design, water savings and making life easier for our customers.” This system features a high-efficiency dual Continue reading