Show Your Home Some Love On Valentine’s Day

Show Your Home Some Love On Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this year, everyone can show their homes a little TLC on this special day.

You can skip the flowers and chocolates and opt for some activities that will help your home look and feel special. Do any of these things solo, with friends, or with your significant other:

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning might be just about the most unromantic activity out there, but chances are some part of your home definitely needs it. After all, a clean home is a happy home, right? On Valentine’s Day, grab your cleaning supplies and tackle one or more problem areas, whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, or another room in your house.

This work probably isn’t going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. Put on some of your favorite music and maybe even open up a bottle of your favorite adult beverage to drink while you work.

If you are working with friends or a partner, take a few minutes to put a game plan together before you start cleaning so everyone knows who is doing what and there’s no miscommunication along the way.


Cleaning goes hand-in-hand with decluttering. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to go through your stuff and separate things you really love from items that are just so-so. Anything that’s not in the “love” category can be sold, donated, or simply thrown away.

Opt for selling, donating, or otherwise reusing things whenever possible. Something you no longer want might just make someone else’s day.

This is a great activity to do with your significant other. Going through old closets or storage areas brings back memories of your relationship and allow you to reconnect over them. It’s also a good opportunity to get on the same page about what stays and what goes in your home.

Plan a Remodel

Finally, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to plan a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Start with a wish list of everything you would love to have and narrow it down from there. Once you have your list together, set a timeline and a budget and contact Three Week Kitchens to help you turn that dream into a reality in just a few weeks.

Of course, any of these activities can be done throughout the year, but we hope you’ll take a little time to show your home some love this Valentine’s Day.