Remodeling Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Resale Value

Remodeling Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Resale Value

Sometimes we remodel because we want to create a more pleasant home environment to live in. Other times, it’s all about the bottom line and getting the most bang for the buck when the house goes on the market.

If you find yourself in the latter situation where you are remodeling with the goal of reselling, there are a few things you can do to maximize your return on investment and make your home as appealing as possible to future buyers.

Keep it Neutral

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for resale is not the time to go crazy with paint colors, fixtures, or other design elements. You want to present the image that the house is a blank canvas that the new owners can make their own.

Even though things like paint and fixtures are easy to change, you do not want to put the new owners through the hassle of having to do that right after moving in. You want to create a space they can live in for a while they are determining what their design plan will be.

Choose Looks Over Function

This is one of the only times that you can prioritize the way something looks over the way it functions. If you have a limited budget, spend it on things that will make your home look as good as possible.

For example, a shiny new oven or refrigerator will impress potential buyers much more so than a new water heater or dehumidifier. As long as those more mundane items are in good working order, let them alone and focus your time and money on items that you know potential buyers will want to see.

Add Space

When it comes to a kitchen or bathroom, bigger is almost always better. If you have the opportunity to increase the size of these rooms without a major restructuring of your house, take it!

What separates a major change from a minor one? Think knocking out walls vs. rearranging furniture or buying new pieces that serve a functional purpose and double as storage. Before you go embarking on a big change, consider if there are any smaller (and cheaper) steps you can take first.

Stay on Track

Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a house sale and it’s easy to get carried away once you start a project.

Three Week Kitchens can help you come up with a remodeling plan that will boost your home’s resale value without breaking your budget. Your new kitchen or bathroom will be ready in just a few weeks, which is perfect if you are ready to sell your home quickly. Contact us today to learn more.