Remodeling in the Denver Polo Club

Clients in the Denver Polo Club were looking to update their master bath before putting their home on the market. The existing master suite consisted of: the bedroom area, separate his and her baths, and an office. In a previous remodel, the office was converted into a walk-in closet.After Michelle Ku met with the clients to discuss their goals and desires, she developed three floor plan options all within the existing footprint of the two baths. The clients wanted his and her water closets and vanities along with a jetted tub and a shower. Since it was extremely difficult to provide all those amenities within the existing space, Michelle proposed that they incorporate the hallway that was created when the walk-in closet was built, into their bathroom space. This added an additional four feet to the north/south dimension

Additionally, we suggested they take one foot from an extra wide walkway from the bedroom to the walk-in closet, adding additional space to the east/west dimension. After discussing the pros and cons of the three options and agreeing to add the proposed additional square footage, the clients decided on a combination of floor plan options one and three.

Next, we worked with the client on the finish and product selections for their bath. They wanted a contemporary bath that stayed within our Price Level One category. We presented them with four tile/cabinet/color schemes and several options for plumbing and lighting fixtures. Once the initial selections were made their new bath was well on its way to completion.

The major design elements that give this bath its striking appearance were the tile layout on the floor and the accent tile in the tub and shower areas. With the exception of the accent tile, all the product selections stayed within our Price Level One category. The small additional cost of the accent tile, allowed us to provide this bath its distinctive look.

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