Indoor Home Remodeling Projects for Winter Months

Indoor Home Remodeling Projects for Winter Months

Just because the temperature drops outside does not mean you need to stop working toward your goal of remodeling your home. The winter months are a great time to work on indoor projects and make plans to get back outside once the weather gets nicer.

Before you resign to spending the winter months sitting on the couch, check out these projects that you can tackle inside:


This one is especially important before and after the holidays when you are likely to have friends and family in your home for holiday celebrations and an influx of new gifts coming in.

Make room for everything and everyone by getting rid of things that you don’t need. Donate unwanted items to charity or make a few extra bucks by selling them on Craiglist. Either way, you are clearing space that will be needed when you start your larger renovation project.

One word of advice: Don’t try to tackle your entire home at once. Make a game plan for working room by room, starting with some easier rooms to build your confidence for heading into larger areas.


Once you have some of the excess clutter out of the way, you’ll have room to think about whether any areas of your home need a fresh coat of paint. The short, cold days of winter are a great time to power through rooms in your house or touch up problem areas.

Even if your walls don’t technically need to be painted, a fresh coat in a different color can help brighten your mood and help chase the winter blues away. Choose a bright color to completely transform a room’s feeling, which is important during the winter months when you are spending more time indoors

No matter how cold it is outside, make sure you crack the windows in the room you are painting to allow the harmful fumes escape. Or choose eco-friendly paint if that’s an option available to you.


Adding or repairing your home’s installation is especially important in the winter months if you want to keep your heating bills at bay. You will also be making your home more environmentally friendly by trapping more heat and energy inside it and using less fuel to heat it.

Check out the insulation in your basement, attic, and crawl spaces if you have them. The attic and upper-level spaces are especially important since heat rises and escapes through the top of your home.

If you can see the floor below from the attic, then you need to add insulation. Consider hiring a contractor if you are not able to do this yourself.

Winter Remodeling

No matter where you live, you can do a kitchen or bathroom remodel during the winter months. Three Week Kitchens can help you plan and complete your remodeling project well before spring arrives. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.