Home Design Trends for 2018

Home Design Trends for 2018

The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate your kitchen or bathroom design to ensure that it is on point with the latest design trends.

While super modern aesthetics and sleek designs have dominated the design landscape over the past few years, 2018 will be all about rustic charm and a “less is more” approach.

Three Week Kitchens can help you incorporate any of these trends into your kitchen or bathroom renovation in the New Year:

Brass Accents

Stainless steel and silver appear to be on the way out in favor of more muted brass tones. Before you have visions of gaudy 1980s hotel rooms, brass in 2018 is much more chic and understated.

Consider swapping out silver for brass in your kitchen or bathroom fixtures, or using it as an accent on mirrors, lights, or other pieces. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to catch your guests’ eyes with something new.

Open Shelves

Heavy cabinets and shelves are also out for 2018, in favor of open shelves. This is part of a larger “less is more” trend will affect lots of things about the way kitchens and bathrooms are designed.

Don’t be shy about showing off your dishes, pantry, or other items. Open shelving will allow for easier access to your items and might prove to be a good conversation starter when you are entertaining in your kitchen.

Rustic Bathrooms

From clawfoot tubs to open-bowl sinks, 2018 will be a big year for rustic bathrooms. This is a departure from the sleek, modern trends that have dominated the landscape over the past few years.

If the farmhouse vibe does not match the rest of your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate rustic elements without compromising the aesthetic in the rest of your home.

Minimalism and Recycling

As all of these trends show, 2018 will be all about giving a second life to items used in your home renovation. Before you go out and buy something new, consider whether you can utilize a recycled or refurbished piece instead.

This is part of a larger trend toward minimalism. You no longer need to show off your status in the world through fancy counters and appliances. Instead, you can focus on how you can contribute to sustainability and giving new life to older items.

Three Week Kitchens can help you determine where refurbished or recycled pieces would work in your home and help you capitalize on any of these other trends. Contact us to schedule your 2018 kitchen or bathroom renovation.