Holiday Entertaining During a Kitchen Remodel

Holiday Entertaining During a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your plans to entertain family and friends this holiday season. Yes, that’s right, it is possible to entertain while your kitchen is under construction.

No matter how well you plan, sometimes projects get behind schedule. Or maybe your house is home to a lot of drop-in visitors during the holidays who might not know that your kitchen is under renovation.

If your remodel happens to fall during the holidays, here are a few ways to make the most of your space and reduce inconvenience for your guests.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

If you know that you are expecting guests, consider moving as much of your kitchen as possible to another space in your home. It won’t have the exact same feeling as a kitchen, but can still provide a place for people to congregate and eat or drink.

Did you use large moving boxes to pack up your kitchen before the remodel? If so, line them up and place a board on top of them to create makeshift countertops. Cover the board with holiday tablecloths to create a festive atmosphere.

You can also use things like coffee tables, entertainment centers, and your dining room table as storage and prep space if needed. Keep in mind that any inconvenience caused is only temporary.

Reimagine Your Menu

Being without an oven for the holidays might cause you to get a little creative with your holiday cooking. With some thoughtful planning, you might be surprised to find that you can still create all of your family’s favorites.

Once you have your makeshift counters in place, line them with a slow cooker, pressure cooker, toaster oven, microwave, and whatever other portable cooking appliances you have. Then, figure out how you can adapt your holiday menu to them. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, come up with something new that is tailored to whatever appliances you have on hand.

You might not be able to create the same dishes as you can with an oven, but no matter how things turned out, you and your guests will always be able to talk about that year when you cooked a holiday meal in the toaster oven or the slow cooker.

Cleaning Up

Once you have finished setting up your temporary kitchen and cooking your holiday meal, it’s time to clean up. This can also be a challenge during a kitchen renovation if your sink is out of commission.

You might need to get creative and use a bathroom sink or laundry room sink to do your dishes. Or, perhaps a neighbor or friend will let you borrow their sink in exchange for some help with their dishes.

If you don’t have a refrigerator, consider storing leftovers outside if you live in a place that’s cold enough during the holidays, or in a cooler if you don’t. Being without a fridge during the holidays is also a good excuse to send leftovers home with your guests.

The bottom line here is that rather than fretting about how you are going to handle the situation, get your guests in on the adventure and create memories that you can talk about for years to come.