Fun Renovations for a Kids’ Bathroom

Fun Renovations for a Kids’ Bathroom

Whether it’s potty training or brushing their teeth, there are many reasons why your child might dislike the bathroom. But, bathrooms don’t have to necessarily mean doom and gloom.

With a few simple changes, a kids’ bathroom can be transformed into a place they are excited to spend time in rather than one they dread:


Choose Bright Colors and Patterns

cute-baby-after-bath-in-yellow-duck-towel-68361669Kids are drawn to bright colors, and the bathroom is the perfect place to indulge their creativity. Letting them choose the color means they will feel a greater sense of ownership over the room and be more likely to use it. If they change their mind or come up with a new favorite color, swapping out what’s on the walls is as easy as a new coat of paint.

And, don’t stop at just one color. Consider bold rainbow stripes for fun patterns like polka dots and zigzags. Where else in your home are you ever going to have this much fun with the design?

Once the color is chosen and applied, let your kids personalize it even further with decals of their favorite animals or TV/movie characters. Again, decals can easily be removed or changed as their tastes change (which they no doubt will).

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Along the lines of ownership, kids love to see their name on things. Take full advantage of that in the bathroom. Put their name or monogram on towels, toothbrush holders, and anything else you can think of.

If you have more than one child sharing a bathroom, consider using color coding to help differentiate whose items are whose. This will also help prevent fighting over who has the better item because everything will be separate.

Another option for personalization is to incorporate chalkboard paint on the bathroom walls and let your kids go to town writing or drawing whatever they want. This can also be a helpful way for you to track their progress on things like potty training. Draw a chart and give them a star for a job well done, then turn stars into rewards when they reach a milestone.

happy-little-girl-having-a-bath-88946740Limited Only By Imagination

No matter what your kids have in mind for the bathroom, our team can help make it a reality in a way that won’t break the bank for you as a parent. We have worked with all types of families and there’s no idea that’s too crazy for us. Contact us to find out how we can turn your kids’ design dreams into reality.