Common Problems Associated with Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Common Problems Associated with Installing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the biggest challenges when putting together your perfect kitchen remodel is making sure the cabinets get installed exactly as you planned them out. The slightest mistake could mean a loss of storage space, uneven shelves or poorly fitted doors.

Installing CabinetsHere are a few of the biggest cabinet-related problems to avoid:

  • Changing the dimensions. If you are remodeling your kitchen and changing the dimensions of the cabinet, it can be difficult to make sure everything aligns with your existing plumbing and lighting, as well as with the general space you have in the area. It’s far easier to swap in new cabinets with the exact same dimensions, but that doesn’t necessarily give you the results you’re looking for.
  • Precision.  Believe it or not, it’s just as possible to be overly precise as it is to be not precise enough when figuring out your new cabinet situation. Most people buy cabinets that have already been created in stock sizes rather than having them specially built, and in this case you might not be able to get quite as precise as you’re hoping for. However, you still need to have a very good idea of the exact dimensions you’re working with, because you don’t want pieces mismatching by too much.
  • Slope.  In many older homes especially, floors often are not particularly level. Cabinets installed on sloped surfaces will, obviously, have a slope themselves. The best strategy is to find the highest point of the floor and build the cabinets so they are level across the wall from that point. This will likely mean you need a thicker base on one end than the other, but it’s worth it to keep your cabinets level.
  • Drywall.  Attempting to hang cabinets on drywall can lead to disastrous results. As soon as you load it up with dishes, the whole thing is likely to come crashing down. Make sure you’ve found the studs in your wall to bear the weight of your cabinets, as you likely don’t want to have to re-drywall your kitchen in addition to installing new cabinets.

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