Four Tips for Designing your Custom Kitchen

If you’re evaluating adding a custom designed kitchen to your home than consider these four, important tips that will help you cover all your bases and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product. 1) Choosing a theme: Selecting a theme for your kitchen provides a central goal for you to center your construction and decor choices around. It simplifies your decision making process and ensures the color palette, wood tones and appliances will all compliment each other. Optional themes include; all-white kitchens which feature open spaces, light colors and chrome fixtures and Asian themes which utilize rich, warm wood tones, bamboo accents and gold fixtures. The reality is that nothing is off limits! Be creative and feel free to mix and match your style preferences to create your dream kitchen. 2) Creating a floor plan: Choose your preferred location for appliances,seating areas and counters. Make sure you evaluate where the plumbing and electrical hook-ups currently are Continue reading

Need a Bathroom Remodel to Accommodate Special Needs? Denver Residents Have a Quick, Beautiful Option

One of the unfortunate components that accompanies loss of mobility, yet also one of the least mentioned, is difficulty with bathing and toileting. Whether the root of the mobility issue is arthritis, instability, or injury of the knees or back, the results are typically the same- loss of privacy and the ability to complete basic self-care needs. The need for in home safety becomes paramount for those who will be remaining in their homes. Self-care deficits are cited as being a common cause of needing nursing or care intervention while at home. Patients often need assistance with the personal care aspects, and with the safety and accessibility of their bathroom. Nursing Diagnosis recommends the implementation of interventions to assist with deficits and improve outcomes for those patients who have reduced mobility. Bathroom remodels in Denver can be simple, quick and affordable- all while addressing the needs of the client. If you have found yourself in the Continue reading

Keep the Kitchen Remodel Budget Low with Cabinet Re-facing

Many homeowners associate the average Denver kitchen remodel with a large financial investment, but you can bring your kitchen up-to-date on a budget with the Three Week Kitchens Cabinet Re-Facing Program. If your kitchen features cabinetry that’s high in quality–but low in style–cabinet re-facing could be the perfect solution for modernizing your space.  This is especially true for older homes, as cabinets installed prior to the 1980s tended to be built with higher-quality materials. So how does cabinet re-facing work?  If your cabinets simply need sprucing up, refinishing or repainting your cabinet fronts can be a cost-saving way of breathing new life into them.  New wood or laminate veneer can also be installed over your cabinet fronts, if they’re in need of a bit more TLC.  Finally, updating your hardware can set a new tone in your kitchen, whether it’s funky, modern, or classic. Our Cabinet Re-Facing Program has been especially popular Continue reading

The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Design and Renovation

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen.  It’s the center to a family’s activities.  It’s where family meals are prepared, guests entertained, and food consumed during a sleepy morning haze.  A kitchen is an important place.  It deserves special attention.  A kitchen deserves to be remodeled. Would a kitchen look better with an island?  How about filled with a variety of stainless steel appliances and farmhouse sinks?  The appearance of many kitchens could be improved if they had customizable cabinets and countertops.  A kitchen renovation could consist of some or all of these improvements. Kitchens are places that require a lot of storage.  Appliances as well as pots, pans and a variety of cooking ingredients need to be easily accessible.  It’s also a place where utensils, plates, glasses as well as mugs and more must be kept. Another important reason to have a kitchen renovated Continue reading

Home Remodeling for Retirement

Are you part of the Baby Boomer revolution? If you were born between the years 1946 and 1964 you were one of an estimated 10,958 births per day in the U.S. and you are now in your 50’s to late 60’s- reaching or in retirement age. Many of today’s Boomers are planning to bypass the traditional assisted living or retirement communities and instead age-in-place. Advanced planning for retirement is a mantra to the Baby Boomer demographic and most have worked hard to ensure financial independence with the plan of remaining self-sufficient and in their homes. Would you consider your home ‘ready’ for retirement? As much as you have prepared your financial portfolio for both the expected and unexpected events that occur with the progression of age, your home will need the same considerations. Even those who maintain optimal health and wellness in advancing years still need to keep safety and quality of life Continue reading

Cabinetry Options Abound

When asking homeowners which element of their kitchen would they like to change most, it’s almost always the kitchen cabinets. Whether they are outdated, damaged or simply just unsightly they are the major focal point of any kitchen and can cause the biggest esthetic improvement. There are several options when considering changes to cabinetry, all of which will improve the dynamics of your kitchen. The first option is rehabilitation; if the boxes are still in good shape, and the client just wants to refresh the look, new doors and veneer can provide the desired effect quickly and economically. There is always the option of simply replacing your current cabinetry with new boxes, for those who like their current layout. For those who do not like their current setup and want more or different type of cabinets a kitchen redesign is for them.  Cabinet designs have drastically improved throughout the last few decades Continue reading

Instant PIZAZZ with Granite Counter Top

For most, the word “remodel” produces a mixture of trepidation, sweaty palms and heart palpatations. Can I afford that? My kitchen is so small! Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Even the smallest of kitchens has the potential to become a warm and inviting gathering place in your home. All you need are the right pieces with the right touch. Granite slabs or other solid surface materials provide an overhaul of exhisting laminate counter top- which can become dingy and peel away from existing surfaces over time. Corners of laminate kitchen counter tops and islands show their wear and tear with every new year. Ever notice that laminate picks up every spaghetti stain? How about that grocery list you wrote in permanent marker during a mad dash out the door? Even bleach won’t remove the dinners and oopsies of kitchen past. Granite provides the remedy! Granite Continue reading

Designing with your family in mind

Your world revolves around your family. You want your space to suit your family and their needs. A room’s personality should reflect that of your family. By keeping this in mind, you are sure to design and decorate a room that uniquely functions for you and your family. Arranging your furniture for the best traffic flow is important. You don’t want to shuffle around, squeezing through and sliding by. You want to walk around unencumbered. Also, your furniture should direct attention to your room’s natural focal point. Maybe a large window, a fireplace, or an exceptional piece of art is the focus of your room. Lighting is very important, too. Think about what the room will be mainly used for and what types of direct lighting or accent lighting will be needed. Then you can decide what visual impact you wantyour lights to make. Setting the mood Choosing patterns, colors, Continue reading

Decorating Your Conservatory

You might think your furniture would be expensive but consider these two options. choices to be expensive. Outdoor Furniture Lawn accessories and furnishings are relatively cheaper than indoor ones so why not get them instead. Seats are seats anyway and those that are made from natural materials like bamboo or wicker are perfect for creating a relaxed ambiance inside. Coffee and end tables will also suit inside so why bother with expensive items just because they are labelled as for the “inside”. Outdoor furniture are also likely to be on discount at the end of summer so schedule your shopping time around this season to save extra. Customize Older Furniture There are plenty ways of making the items you bought at the cheap look more expensive than what you actually paid for. Place a fresh paint of coat or varnish on tables you salvaged to match other items you have. Continue reading

HowTo Pick The Best Cabinet Pull

Trying to fit a cabinet accessory at home for the first time might be a scary experience but this will change with time. Once you get a grasp of the functions of of a cabinet and the different selections available in the market, you will have no problems handling it. The knobs and pulls are basically the most significant parts of the cabinet hardware. A pull cabinet will determine how easier it will for you to handle the cabinet when using it any day. Knobs can be fixed by using a screw or a single bolt. In order to be able to open the cabinet door, ensure that you move the knobs with a solid grip. Before buying a cabinet pull, you should put the following factors into considerations: Whether you Have Ever Installed One: If it is your first time installing a cabinet pull, you must make sure to Continue reading

From Builder Blah to Designer Divine

??Clients in the Hill Top neighborhood of Denver, CO wanted to remove an old worn down kitchen addition and build a larger kitchen for the wife who loves to cook daily meals for her family. For their addition, they had previously worked with a prominent Denver builder however, things did not work out. When the clients came to us, it was agreed that we would use the footprint developed by the builder but, we would take it from there and make it spectacular. We met with the wife to discuss her goals and desires, both functionally and aesthetically. From that point, we developed three floor plan options for the kitchen addition. Option 1 was basically the builder’s kitchen plan but, improved to bring it up to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) kitchen design standards. This gave the client a very small and almost useless island, not much cabinet space, and Continue reading

Powder Room Pizzazz

Powder rooms can be the most challenging room in your home to decorate as they are usually small with no natural light. This is a space that should be opulent & luxurious and it’s an ideal space to step out of the ordinary. This room is a perfect venue to adorn your walls with a tame texture, delicate damask, fun floral or stately striped wallpaper. I know what your thinking wall paper in a bathroom “not a good idea”, however powder rooms have very little moisture build up due to not having a shower or bathtub. Many of us still remember the curse and horror of peeling and out-dated wallpaper that clung to the walls of our homes. It seemed like such a great solution to add a little pizzazz to your room but, as many good ideas go, wallpaper fell short. This once mainstream wall covering went by the Continue reading