The Costs and Returns of Bath and Kitchen Remodels in Denver

Thinking about getting a bath or kitchen remodel in Denver? Then you’re probably dreaming about how much more livability either would add to your family home and the types of features and materials you want to use. But you also want to consider how much it costs and whether you’ll get any of that money back when you sell your home. The “2013 Cost vs Value Report” compiled by Remodeling Magazine offers concrete amounts to help with your planning. These are only average costs for Denver. Your actual prices varies by the size of the renovations, the materials you choose and the location of your home. A mid-range minor kitchen remodel runs about $17,849 and returns $13,603, or 76 percent. This covers a 200-square foot space with 30 linear feet of laminate countertop and cabinetry that leaves existing boxes in place but uses new door and drawer fronts of wood. It also includes Continue reading

Three Weeks to a Kitchen Remodel

There are many reasons a kitchen remodel is a good idea this winter. Maybe you are tired of over-crowded counters. Maybe you want a more open and welcoming layout so family and friends can join you in the kitchen. Maybe you are thinking of some home upgrades and know the value of investing in your kitchen. Those are all great reasons to start a kitchen remodel that can be completed in three weeks, just in time for your holiday entertaining plans! Want some fun ideas to think about including in your remodel? Here are a few of our favorites. 1) A built-in coffee center featuring your favorite espresso or cappuccino machine. Not only will you save valuable counter space and contribute to a sleek overall look, but you can be your own home barista. Other built-in features (like dishwashers) can be placed in your kitchen, as well. 2) Cabinets are the foundation Continue reading

Advantages of Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets damaged, worn, or dated? Do you want to make a change, but don’t want to do a full remodel of your kitchen? It may be time to resurface your kitchen cabinets Denver. There are many advantages to resurfacing rather than doing a complete replacement. Save Money. Resurfacing is cost-effective and more suitable to a small budget. In fact, you save up to two times the total cost of a complete replacement. Save Time. Full cabinet replacement can take up a lot of time. You may not be willing to be without a kitchen for more than a few days. Resurfacing is a quick turnaround that will have you back cooking great meals sooner than you expected. Looks New. There are so many choices for different finishes you may have a difficult time deciding on one. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware can match your existing design or any style you Continue reading

Make Your Custom Kitchen Design Environmentally Friendly

Your old kitchen probably wasn’t energy efficient or environmentally friendly. With a custom kitchen design you have the opportunity to change all that and reduce your carbon footprint. A full remodel will probably include replacing old, drafty windows with energy efficient models. Talk to your designer about expanding the window space to allow more natural light to flood your kitchen during the day, decreasing the need for electrical light. There are numerous energy efficient lighting choices that will fit into your custom kitchen design. Use fluorescent lighting for large areas. Fluorescent lighting saves 50% to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use halogen or LED lighting for task and prep areas. Fresh paint gives new life to any kitchen. Choose brands that do not emit VOC, (volatile organic compound), toxic gases and fumes into the air. Did you know that granite can emit off-gas into the air? Choosing non-porous counter surfaces such as Continue reading

Custom Interior Design Is a Wise Investment

Many people who are planning to have their kitchen or bathroom professionally remodeled begin by touring home improvement stores and appliance stores for ideas on what materials to use for their “dream” kitchen or bath. Unfortunately, too much weight is often given to the initial cost of a given material. While cost is an important element to any remodeling project, it’s very easy to be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. The fact is, if you’re going to remodel a kitchen or bath, planning it with the help of aprofessional interior designer is the best way to go. There are a variety of reasons for this. Interior designers have access to planning tools and technology that most homeowners don’t even know exist, much less have access to. In addition to that, designers have insider knowledge on trends, new materials, local building codes and technical issues. These tools and expertise will not only save you Continue reading

2013 Interior Design Trends

You don’t have to be an award winning designer to have a modern kitchen or bathroom. Oftentimes, understanding current design trends can go a long way in creating a personalized look that supplies both form and function to your remodel. 2013 Interior Design trends are an eclectic mix of colors and patterns. Take a few minutes to learn about what is happening in the world of design. Even knowing a few simple things that you like (and things you don’t like!) can help as we build your perfect kitchen or bath. 1. Chevron Upholstery A Chevron pattern is a line or strip that is shaped like a “V” or an inverted “V”. The best way to introduce this design in the kitchen is to upholster bar stools and chairs. To integrate a Chevron look in the bathroom, choose a fun shower curtain or Chevron patterned towels. 2. Brass 3. Grass Cloth Wallpaper Continue reading

Tips for Denver Bathroom Remodeling: Fixing up a Cramped Bathroom

So your bathroom’s a little cramped, and you’re thinking of a small renovation project – maybe something to widen the space. You can always take down a wall to make your bathroom bigger, but this isn’t always an option. If you’re looking for great ideas for your Denver bathroom remodeling project that don’t require major demolition, these quick tips for making your bathroom less cramped are for you. Add or expand natural lighting options: If your bathroom has windows, opting for larger ones can easily widen the space. Larger windows allow for brighter natural light, which helps to make the room feel larger, and also makes it seem cleaner as well. The added fresh air and light make for a much more inviting and open space. Opt for larger mirrors: Large mirrors have the same effect large windows do. They affect the way light works in the room, as well as give it a Continue reading

Flooring Ideas for your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

It may not seem like much, but a great bathroom can make or break a home sale. These often overlooked workhorses are some of the most important functional rooms in your home, alongside the kitchen, and are therefore often targetted for remodelling. With so many working parts, though, it’s hard to know where to start when planning to renovate a bathroom. So, what you can try is starting from the ground (or in this case, flooring), and work your way up. So before you start looking for bathroom remodeling firms in Denver, consider some of these ideas for bathroom flooring: Tile: Classic and beautiful, tile flooring gives you many different colors and design choices, which comes in handy when your design is still up in the air. With so many options, tile flooring makes it easy to match your bathroom’s new fixtures or paint job, and really bring a whole new Continue reading

Give Your Denver Home a Kitchen Makeover With Granite Counter Tops

Selecting a granite counter top in your denver home can take time, as there are so many choices and colors to consider. A granite counter top is the first thing people look at in your kitchen and acts as a centerpiece in the room. For most, the granite they choose will be with them for life. You don’t want to select green granite and then realize you don’t like the look and might prefer a neutral color instead. Once a counter top is installed there is not much you can do to modify it without replacing the whole thing. It’s really important to get it perfect the first time. There are usually certain colors that seem to work well in kitchens. If your kitchen has large windows and offers a lot of light you may want to go with a dark granite color. Dark counter tops look beautiful and sophisticated and establish an endless look to your Continue reading

The right backsplash design can tie your whole kitchen together.  Comparatively speaking, it’s quite a bit of real estate in the average kitchen and is one place where you have the freedom to play with pattern and texture.  When planning your Denver kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to explore less common backsplash materials and designs.  Here are a few to consider: Metal.  Whether galvanized or stamped, metal makes a clean, modern impression in your kitchen.  It also reflects light in your kitchen, brightening up the space.  One of its best features is very low maintenance–simply wipe it clean the way you would any stainless steel appliance. Concrete.  For an industrial look, such as in a loft-like space, concrete is a fantastic backsplash material.  Though it requires occasional maintenance, it can be stained the perfect shade to complement your decor. Marble.  Particularly if you like the clean look of an all-white kitchen, the Continue reading

Denver Bathroom Remodel: Helpful Design Tips for your New Bathroom

Consider all your options: If you’re investing the time and money into a remodel, dream big! Always wanted natural stone tiles? Marble counters? A jacuzzi tub? Don’t rule anything out until you’ve taken time to do your research. Remember that simple things, like a curved shower rod, add spa-like touches for a fraction of the cost. Think accent pieces/unique fixtures: It’s easy to turn a traditional bathroom design into a show-stopping conversation piece with the addition of a few simple elements. Select unique towel racks, light fixtures, brightly colors faucets or bold accent tiles to make the room pop without breaking the bank. Plan for storage: One of the most pressing reasons for a bathroom remodel is lack of storage space. Maximize the room you have with built-in shower storage in the form of recessed cubbyholes, allot wall space for extra cabinets or hanging baskets and choose a vanity with plenty of drawer Continue reading

Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Denver Kitchen Remodel

When choosing the materials for your Denver kitchen remodel, the most important decision you make may be your countertops.  Unlike your cabinets, countertops undergo significant wear and tear over time, which is why most homeowners prefer something that’s durable, versatile, and attractive. The experts at HGTV have shared the benefits of some less commonly used countertop materials for you to consider when dreaming up your new kitchen design.  Here’s a selection: Stainless steel.  In addition to coordinating flawlessly with almost any color scheme, stainless steel countertops are a breeze to clean, and the most hygienic option, because they prevent bacteria build-up.  It’s a low-maintenance, attractive option. Glass.  For a sleek, modern look, nothing beats glass.  It can be stained to suit any taste and cut into any shape, making it a versatile choice for your kitchen.  It’s also non-porous, making it very hygienic as well. Concrete.  For a different modern look, concrete is Continue reading