Make Your Custom Kitchen Design Environmentally Friendly

Your old kitchen probably wasn’t energy efficient or environmentally friendly. With a custom kitchen design you have the opportunity to change all that and reduce your carbon footprint. A full remodel will probably include replacing old, drafty windows with energy efficient models. Talk to your designer about expanding the window space to allow more natural light to flood your kitchen during the day, decreasing the need for electrical light. There are numerous energy efficient lighting choices that will fit into your custom kitchen design. Use fluorescent lighting for large areas. Fluorescent lighting saves 50% to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use halogen or LED lighting for task and prep areas. Fresh paint gives new life to any kitchen. Choose brands that do not emit VOC, (volatile organic compound), toxic gases and fumes into the air. Did you know that granite can emit off-gas into the air? Choosing non-porous counter surfaces such as Continue reading

Give Your Denver Home a Kitchen Makeover With Granite Counter Tops

Selecting a granite counter top in your denver home can take time, as there are so many choices and colors to consider. A granite counter top is the first thing people look at in your kitchen and acts as a centerpiece in the room. For most, the granite they choose will be with them for life. You don’t want to select green granite and then realize you don’t like the look and might prefer a neutral color instead. Once a counter top is installed there is not much you can do to modify it without replacing the whole thing. It’s really important to get it perfect the first time. There are usually certain colors that seem to work well in kitchens. If your kitchen has large windows and offers a lot of light you may want to go with a dark granite color. Dark counter tops look beautiful and sophisticated and establish an endless look to your Continue reading

The right backsplash design can tie your whole kitchen together.  Comparatively speaking, it’s quite a bit of real estate in the average kitchen and is one place where you have the freedom to play with pattern and texture.  When planning your Denver kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to explore less common backsplash materials and designs.  Here are a few to consider: Metal.  Whether galvanized or stamped, metal makes a clean, modern impression in your kitchen.  It also reflects light in your kitchen, brightening up the space.  One of its best features is very low maintenance–simply wipe it clean the way you would any stainless steel appliance. Concrete.  For an industrial look, such as in a loft-like space, concrete is a fantastic backsplash material.  Though it requires occasional maintenance, it can be stained the perfect shade to complement your decor. Marble.  Particularly if you like the clean look of an all-white kitchen, the Continue reading

Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Denver Kitchen Remodel

When choosing the materials for your Denver kitchen remodel, the most important decision you make may be your countertops.  Unlike your cabinets, countertops undergo significant wear and tear over time, which is why most homeowners prefer something that’s durable, versatile, and attractive. The experts at HGTV have shared the benefits of some less commonly used countertop materials for you to consider when dreaming up your new kitchen design.  Here’s a selection: Stainless steel.  In addition to coordinating flawlessly with almost any color scheme, stainless steel countertops are a breeze to clean, and the most hygienic option, because they prevent bacteria build-up.  It’s a low-maintenance, attractive option. Glass.  For a sleek, modern look, nothing beats glass.  It can be stained to suit any taste and cut into any shape, making it a versatile choice for your kitchen.  It’s also non-porous, making it very hygienic as well. Concrete.  For a different modern look, concrete is Continue reading

Four Tips for Designing your Custom Kitchen

If you’re evaluating adding a custom designed kitchen to your home than consider these four, important tips that will help you cover all your bases and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product. 1) Choosing a theme: Selecting a theme for your kitchen provides a central goal for you to center your construction and decor choices around. It simplifies your decision making process and ensures the color palette, wood tones and appliances will all compliment each other. Optional themes include; all-white kitchens which feature open spaces, light colors and chrome fixtures and Asian themes which utilize rich, warm wood tones, bamboo accents and gold fixtures. The reality is that nothing is off limits! Be creative and feel free to mix and match your style preferences to create your dream kitchen. 2) Creating a floor plan: Choose your preferred location for appliances,seating areas and counters. Make sure you evaluate where the plumbing and electrical hook-ups currently are Continue reading

Keep the Kitchen Remodel Budget Low with Cabinet Re-facing

Many homeowners associate the average Denver kitchen remodel with a large financial investment, but you can bring your kitchen up-to-date on a budget with the Three Week Kitchens Cabinet Re-Facing Program. If your kitchen features cabinetry that’s high in quality–but low in style–cabinet re-facing could be the perfect solution for modernizing your space.  This is especially true for older homes, as cabinets installed prior to the 1980s tended to be built with higher-quality materials. So how does cabinet re-facing work?  If your cabinets simply need sprucing up, refinishing or repainting your cabinet fronts can be a cost-saving way of breathing new life into them.  New wood or laminate veneer can also be installed over your cabinet fronts, if they’re in need of a bit more TLC.  Finally, updating your hardware can set a new tone in your kitchen, whether it’s funky, modern, or classic. Our Cabinet Re-Facing Program has been especially popular Continue reading

The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Design and Renovation

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen.  It’s the center to a family’s activities.  It’s where family meals are prepared, guests entertained, and food consumed during a sleepy morning haze.  A kitchen is an important place.  It deserves special attention.  A kitchen deserves to be remodeled. Would a kitchen look better with an island?  How about filled with a variety of stainless steel appliances and farmhouse sinks?  The appearance of many kitchens could be improved if they had customizable cabinets and countertops.  A kitchen renovation could consist of some or all of these improvements. Kitchens are places that require a lot of storage.  Appliances as well as pots, pans and a variety of cooking ingredients need to be easily accessible.  It’s also a place where utensils, plates, glasses as well as mugs and more must be kept. Another important reason to have a kitchen renovated Continue reading

Cabinetry Options Abound

When asking homeowners which element of their kitchen would they like to change most, it’s almost always the kitchen cabinets. Whether they are outdated, damaged or simply just unsightly they are the major focal point of any kitchen and can cause the biggest esthetic improvement. There are several options when considering changes to cabinetry, all of which will improve the dynamics of your kitchen. The first option is rehabilitation; if the boxes are still in good shape, and the client just wants to refresh the look, new doors and veneer can provide the desired effect quickly and economically. There is always the option of simply replacing your current cabinetry with new boxes, for those who like their current layout. For those who do not like their current setup and want more or different type of cabinets a kitchen redesign is for them.  Cabinet designs have drastically improved throughout the last few decades Continue reading

Instant PIZAZZ with Granite Counter Top

For most, the word “remodel” produces a mixture of trepidation, sweaty palms and heart palpatations. Can I afford that? My kitchen is so small! Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Even the smallest of kitchens has the potential to become a warm and inviting gathering place in your home. All you need are the right pieces with the right touch. Granite slabs or other solid surface materials provide an overhaul of exhisting laminate counter top- which can become dingy and peel away from existing surfaces over time. Corners of laminate kitchen counter tops and islands show their wear and tear with every new year. Ever notice that laminate picks up every spaghetti stain? How about that grocery list you wrote in permanent marker during a mad dash out the door? Even bleach won’t remove the dinners and oopsies of kitchen past. Granite provides the remedy! Granite Continue reading

Stainless Steel Still Reigns

Stainless steel has been the most popular appliance material for 15 years now and it’s not showing any sign of conceding. Manufacturers have been trying for years to come up with the next big color trend in appliances, but stainless isn’t giving up. That commercial look of stainless makes the most unseasoned of cooks feel like Mario Batali, and it looks good with just about any cabinet and countertop you can shake a stick at. With the most daring of consumers opting for even stainless steel countertops it seems like stainless owns everything except the kitchen sink… oh wait… While everyone thinks that stainless steel is great, nobody’s saying the entire kitchen should gleam like a medieval knight. Sometimes having that one strong stainless piece makes it all the more eye-popping. For instance, an integrated refrigerator plus a bold commercial stainless steel range with a sleek exhaust can give the Continue reading

The Remodeling Process Takes Time, Here’s Why:

“Why is my remodel taking so long?” This is something I hear a lot lately, and as a person who prides herself on exceptional customer service, it makes me cringe! But it’s a question that needs answering: why is it taking so long just to get these projects designed, bid, approved by the homeowners and into the production queue? I’ve got a few ideas. Getting into the queue: Since the burst of the housing bubble, if you’re still in business, you’ve trimmed your staff significantly. For a small to mid-size architectural/design firm, that means that you’ve cut back to one or two designers who perform most all the office functions; the designers are now acting as not only designers but they answer phones, work the front desk, serve as production assistants, estimators, etc. The owner might be taking care of the sales and administration on top of being the design Continue reading

How To Pick The Best Cabinet Pull

Trying to fit a cabinet accessory at home for the first time might be a scary experience but this will change with time. Once you get a grasp of the functions of of a cabinet and the different selections available in the market, you will have no problems handling it. The knobs and pulls are basically the most significant parts of the cabinet hardware. A pull cabinet will determine how easier it will for you to handle the cabinet when using it any day. Knobs can be fixed by using a screw or a single bolt. In order to be able to open the cabinet door, ensure that you move the knobs with a solid grip. Before buying a cabinet pull, you should put the following factors into considerations: Whether you Have Ever Installed One: If it is your first time installing a cabinet pull, you must make sure to Continue reading