5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Designer

Trying to decide if you should hire a designer? If not, you may be missing out on the absolute wonders they can bring your project. Unfortunately, many people worry that a designer will be exorbitantly expensive or take away their creative control. However, the opposite is typically true – designers are able to save you money while creating your dream space: just the way you imagine. Here are 5 top reasons why you should consider hiring a designer for your next project: You have a clear vision of what you want, but not how to pull it off. We’ve all been there – you know the exact style you like; and a huge file of bookmarked web images to prove it! However, replicating those inspirations to create a similar ambiance proves challenging. A good designer does more than choose the perfect sofa. They read the room, choosing pieces that work Continue reading

Common Mistakes in Kitchen Design

Common Mistakes in Kitchen Design

If you’re handy with tools and construction, you might be tempted to perform a kitchen remodel in your home all by yourself. However, even the handiest person might discover they will make some big mistakes while redoing their kitchen if they do not have enough experience with design and planning. Here are a few of the most common mistakes in kitchen design made during remodels: Lack of counter space. One of the biggest complaints people tend to have about kitchen designs is a lack of counter space. If you’re doing the job yourself, it can be easy to underestimate just how much space you’ll need for preparation and for placing appliances and other devices. Putting appliances too far apart. You want your refrigerator, sink and stove to be regularly close to each other, as they are the three areas of greatest activity in any kitchen. You should have easy access Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Designer

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Designer

There are a whole lot of homeowners who will take a look at a picture of a newly remodeled kitchen and think, “Wow, I should give that a try myself!” While there are definitely certain parts of a kitchen redesign project you can take on yourself, you are most likely going to need professional help with the bulk of the project to ensure it turns out exactly the way you want it to and to certain be that the end result adds value to your homes equity. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a professional kitchen designer: You’ll save time. Unless you have a fair amount of professional experience and training yourself, attempting to take on a kitchen remodeling project by yourself will almost certainly take significantly longer than it would if you hired a team of professionals to do it for you. You’ll avoid a lot Continue reading

Practical Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen

Practical Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen

While many people choose to remodel their kitchens simply for aesthetic reasons, there are plenty of other reasons an upgrade might be necessary. Here are a few of the most common functional reasons people remodel their kitchens: Lack of space. A lot of people like to add more counter, cabinet or floor space to their kitchens, because they don’t have enough in their current setup. It could be something as simple as changing the shape of a counter or the position of a refrigerator, but adding extra space can make a huge difference in the functionality of your kitchen. Traffic flow. Do you often have guests over, or have more than one cook in the kitchen at a time? If so, adding more space around the main work area and turning your kitchen into an open plan design could be a great way to give you some added convenience and Continue reading

Advantages of Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets damaged, worn, or dated? Do you want to make a change, but don’t want to do a full remodel of your kitchen? It may be time to resurface your kitchen cabinets Denver. There are many advantages to resurfacing rather than doing a complete replacement. Save Money. Resurfacing is cost-effective and more suitable to a small budget. In fact, you save up to two times the total cost of a complete replacement. Save Time. Full cabinet replacement can take up a lot of time. You may not be willing to be without a kitchen for more than a few days. Resurfacing is a quick turnaround that will have you back cooking great meals sooner than you expected. Looks New. There are so many choices for different finishes you may have a difficult time deciding on one. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware can match your existing design or any style you Continue reading

Custom Interior Design Is a Wise Investment

Many people who are planning to have their kitchen or bathroom professionally remodeled begin by touring home improvement stores and appliance stores for ideas on what materials to use for their “dream” kitchen or bath. Unfortunately, too much weight is often given to the initial cost of a given material. While cost is an important element to any remodeling project, it’s very easy to be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. The fact is, if you’re going to remodel a kitchen or bath, planning it with the help of aprofessional interior designer is the best way to go. There are a variety of reasons for this. Interior designers have access to planning tools and technology that most homeowners don’t even know exist, much less have access to. In addition to that, designers have insider knowledge on trends, new materials, local building codes and technical issues. These tools and expertise will not only save you Continue reading

2013 Interior Design Trends

You don’t have to be an award winning designer to have a modern kitchen or bathroom. Oftentimes, understanding current design trends can go a long way in creating a personalized look that supplies both form and function to your remodel. 2013 Interior Design trends are an eclectic mix of colors and patterns. Take a few minutes to learn about what is happening in the world of design. Even knowing a few simple things that you like (and things you don’t like!) can help as we build your perfect kitchen or bath. 1. Chevron Upholstery A Chevron pattern is a line or strip that is shaped like a “V” or an inverted “V”. The best way to introduce this design in the kitchen is to upholster bar stools and chairs. To integrate a Chevron look in the bathroom, choose a fun shower curtain or Chevron patterned towels. 2. Brass 3. Grass Cloth Wallpaper Continue reading

The right backsplash design can tie your whole kitchen together.  Comparatively speaking, it’s quite a bit of real estate in the average kitchen and is one place where you have the freedom to play with pattern and texture.  When planning your Denver kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to explore less common backsplash materials and designs.  Here are a few to consider: Metal.  Whether galvanized or stamped, metal makes a clean, modern impression in your kitchen.  It also reflects light in your kitchen, brightening up the space.  One of its best features is very low maintenance–simply wipe it clean the way you would any stainless steel appliance. Concrete.  For an industrial look, such as in a loft-like space, concrete is a fantastic backsplash material.  Though it requires occasional maintenance, it can be stained the perfect shade to complement your decor. Marble.  Particularly if you like the clean look of an all-white kitchen, the Continue reading

Denver Bathroom Remodel: Helpful Design Tips for your New Bathroom

Consider all your options: If you’re investing the time and money into a remodel, dream big! Always wanted natural stone tiles? Marble counters? A jacuzzi tub? Don’t rule anything out until you’ve taken time to do your research. Remember that simple things, like a curved shower rod, add spa-like touches for a fraction of the cost. Think accent pieces/unique fixtures: It’s easy to turn a traditional bathroom design into a show-stopping conversation piece with the addition of a few simple elements. Select unique towel racks, light fixtures, brightly colors faucets or bold accent tiles to make the room pop without breaking the bank. Plan for storage: One of the most pressing reasons for a bathroom remodel is lack of storage space. Maximize the room you have with built-in shower storage in the form of recessed cubbyholes, a lot wall space for extra cabinets or hanging baskets and choose a vanity with plenty of Continue reading

Large tiles for big impact

Large format tiles have been increasing in popularity for some time now. As technology has improved, manufacturers are able to produce thinner, more durable ceramic tiles in sizes not previously feasible. With that improvement in technology has come a corresponding reduction in price, making large format tiles something accessible to ever-widening audiences. From a design perspective, large tiles can serve a number of purposes: they can create the illusion of depth in small spaces, giving length and depth with their dramatic proportions; they can provide a more modern look, in contrast to the small, square tiles that have been available for millennia; and they can lend a clean, sleek look by minimizing the appearance of grout lines.

Stainless Steel Still Reigns

Stainless steel has been the most popular appliance material for 15 years now and it’s not showing any sign of conceding. Manufacturers have been trying for years to come up with the next big color trend in appliances, but stainless isn’t giving up. That commercial look of stainless makes the most unseasoned of cooks feel like Mario Batali, and it looks good with just about any cabinet and countertop you can shake a stick at. With the most daring of consumers opting for even stainless steel countertops it seems like stainless owns everything except the kitchen sink… oh wait… While everyone thinks that stainless steel is great, nobody’s saying the entire kitchen should gleam like a medieval knight. Sometimes having that one strong stainless piece makes it all the more eye-popping. For instance, an integrated refrigerator plus a bold commercial stainless steel range with a sleek exhaust can give the Continue reading

Not Your Grandma’s Formica

The best designers of the day are working with an ever-expanding array of different materials, from natural stone to engineered quartz, and even… <gasp> laminate. That’s right, laminate is making a huge comeback right now, and it’s not without good reason. Laminate countertops, from such old stalwarts as Wilsonart and Formica, are a fantastic product that can lend verve and style to a kitchen or bath remodel in a way that natural materials can’t match. It’s not just for kitchens, either; laminates are being used so widely in commercial and industrial applications that few people realize just how commonplace they have become. Not only that, but it’s one of most cost-effective options to specify in a designer kitchen. When most people think about laminate countertops, the mental image is of the plastic-like material that was so commonplace in the 60s and 70s. In reality, there is very little similarity between Continue reading