Dark and Steamy Bathroom Designs

Dark and Steamy Bathroom Designs

There’s something seductive and spa-like about a dark bathroom. Dark hues are moody, mysterious, and always memorable. Our team loves creating unique spaces, below is a collection of some of our favorites (both our concepts and others). The dark door and tub create a dramatic contrast in this master bath. We love how the gray walls and subway tile throughout tie it all together. Dark tile in this bathroom make the atmosphere of this stunning bathroom very tranquil. Want to feel transported to a 5-star resort every time you hop in the shower? A darker color choice can help you achieve this sauna-vibe. We think these black tile walls and pattern floor create such an inviting and unique space. This bohemian-style shower is both funky and functional. Looking for something a little more subtle? This gray shower looks wonderful with these natural white and brown tones. Whatever look you’re going Continue reading

Common Problems Associated with Tiled Floors

Common Problems Associated with Tiled Floors

It takes a lot of preparation to be able to tile your kitchen and bathroom floors correctly. While the process might not be quite as difficult as fabricating an entirely new set of cabinets and rewiring your whole electrical system, there are still a variety of challenges associated with installing tile flooring. Here are a few of those problems: Loose tiles. By far the most common problem with tiled floors is when tiles come loose. The tile might sound hollow or have a grinding sound when pressure is put on it, or it might actually fully come off the floor. This is a particularly big problem when tile is placed directly on concrete slabs. There are a number of reasons the tile could loosen, including a lack of soft or control joints around the perimeter and in the tilework. Ceramic tiles often expand and contract depending on the moisture and Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling: Creating a Vanity with the Proper Size and Storage

If you need a bathroom remodel in Denver, you have plenty of things to think about depending on the size and style you want. Out of all things in your bathroom to consider, the vanity is going to be a central point that should get serious attention. Fortunately, vanities can be fully and easily customizable so you can decide what size you prefer, how much storage you want and whether you want a retro or modern design. What usually works the best for most people? Considering you’ll be spending plenty of time standing in front of a vanity, you have to think of how useful it’s going to be. Vanity Size For a small bathroom, your vanity doesn’t have to take up an entire wall side. Sometimes they can just take up one corner of the bathroom to leave room for other things. Floating vanities are particularly stylish and don’t take Continue reading

Tips for Denver Bathroom Remodeling: Fixing up a Cramped Bathroom

So your bathroom’s a little cramped, and you’re thinking of a small renovation project – maybe something to widen the space. You can always take down a wall to make your bathroom bigger, but this isn’t always an option. If you’re looking for great ideas for your Denver bathroom remodeling project that don’t require major demolition, these quick tips for making your bathroom less cramped are for you. Add or expand natural lighting options: If your bathroom has windows, opting for larger ones can easily widen the space. Larger windows allow for brighter natural light, which helps to make the room feel larger, and also makes it seem cleaner as well. The added fresh air and light make for a much more inviting and open space. Opt for larger mirrors: Large mirrors have the same effect large windows do. They affect the way light works in the room, as well as give it a Continue reading

Flooring Ideas for your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

It may not seem like much, but a great bathroom can make or break a home sale. These often overlooked workhorses are some of the most important functional rooms in your home, alongside the kitchen, and are therefore often targetted for remodelling. With so many working parts, though, it’s hard to know where to start when planning to renovate a bathroom. So, what you can try is starting from the ground (or in this case, flooring), and work your way up. So before you start looking for bathroom remodeling firms in Denver, consider some of these ideas for bathroom flooring: Tile: Classic and beautiful, tile flooring gives you many different colors and design choices, which comes in handy when your design is still up in the air. With so many options, tile flooring makes it easy to match your bathroom’s new fixtures or paint job, and really bring a whole new Continue reading

Denver Bathroom Remodel: Helpful Design Tips for your New Bathroom

Consider all your options: If you’re investing the time and money into a remodel, dream big! Always wanted natural stone tiles? Marble counters? A jacuzzi tub? Don’t rule anything out until you’ve taken time to do your research. Remember that simple things, like a curved shower rod, add spa-like touches for a fraction of the cost. Think accent pieces/unique fixtures: It’s easy to turn a traditional bathroom design into a show-stopping conversation piece with the addition of a few simple elements. Select unique towel racks, light fixtures, brightly colors faucets or bold accent tiles to make the room pop without breaking the bank. Plan for storage: One of the most pressing reasons for a bathroom remodel is lack of storage space. Maximize the room you have with built-in shower storage in the form of recessed cubbyholes, a lot wall space for extra cabinets or hanging baskets and choose a vanity with plenty of Continue reading

Need a Bathroom Remodel to Accommodate Special Needs? Denver Residents Have a Quick, Beautiful Option

One of the unfortunate components that accompanies loss of mobility, yet also one of the least mentioned, is difficulty with bathing and toileting. Whether the root of the mobility issue is arthritis, instability, or injury of the knees or back, the results are typically the same- loss of privacy and the ability to complete basic self-care needs. The need for in home safety becomes paramount for those who will be remaining in their homes. Self-care deficits are cited as being a common cause of needing nursing or care intervention while at home. Patients often need assistance with the personal care aspects, and with the safety and accessibility of their bathroom. Nursing Diagnosis recommends the implementation of interventions to assist with deficits and improve outcomes for those patients who have reduced mobility. Bathroom remodels in Denver can be simple, quick and affordable- all while addressing the needs of the client. If you have found yourself in the Continue reading

Large tiles for big impact

Large format tiles have been increasing in popularity for some time now. As technology has improved, manufacturers are able to produce thinner, more durable ceramic tiles in sizes not previously feasible. With that improvement in technology has come a corresponding reduction in price, making large format tiles something accessible to ever-widening audiences. From a design perspective, large tiles can serve a number of purposes: they can create the illusion of depth in small spaces, giving length and depth with their dramatic proportions; they can provide a more modern look, in contrast to the small, square tiles that have been available for millennia; and they can lend a clean, sleek look by minimizing the appearance of grout lines.

The Remodeling Process Takes Time, Here’s Why:

“Why is my remodel taking so long?” This is something I hear a lot lately, and as a person who prides herself on exceptional customer service, it makes me cringe! But it’s a question that needs answering: why is it taking so long just to get these projects designed, bid, approved by the homeowners and into the production queue? I’ve got a few ideas. Getting into the queue: Since the burst of the housing bubble, if you’re still in business, you’ve trimmed your staff significantly. For a small to mid-size architectural/design firm, that means that you’ve cut back to one or two designers who perform most all the office functions; the designers are now acting as not only designers but they answer phones, work the front desk, serve as production assistants, estimators, etc. The owner might be taking care of the sales and administration on top of being the design Continue reading

Powder Room Pizzazz

Powder rooms can be the most challenging room in your home to decorate as they are usually small with no natural light. This is a space that should be opulent & luxurious and it’s an ideal space to step out of the ordinary. This room is a perfect venue to adorn your walls with a tame texture, delicate damask, fun floral or stately striped wallpaper. I know what your thinking wall paper in a bathroom “not a good idea”, however powder rooms have very little moisture build up due to not having a shower or bathtub. Many of us still remember the curse and horror of peeling and out-dated wallpaper that clung to the walls of our homes. It seemed like such a great solution to add a little pizzazz to your room but, as many good ideas go, wallpaper fell short. This once mainstream wall covering went by the Continue reading

Park Hill Home Tour

Last week, we had an amazing opportunity to share Debra’s personal home as well as the Debra Toney product with nearly 2,000 community members as part of the Park Hill Home Tour. On a hot September Sunday, seven homeowners opened their doors to the community, and Debra was one of them. Though her home was by far the smallest home on the tour, we think it packed the most punch. The newly remodeled bungalow is a model for urban living. Debra gutted nearly all the interior walls during the redesign, and the result is an open floor plan perfect for the way we live. The Home Tour’s brochure cited the space’s rich color combinations that create a retro ambiance, the flow and space provided by the layout, and the kitchen-centric design suited for modern living as highlights of the home. When a home is built with the homeowner’s use in mind, the Continue reading

Kitchen & Bath Designer – Yes! Designer Price – NO!

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is a hot topic these days. A designer’s services will assure you of quality and distinctive style, but you may question – will a designer remodel break your bank? Debra Toney emphatically says, “NO!” “We believe that an investment in good design enhances one’s quality of life and should be available to everyone and priced accordingly, “states Debra Toney, 3 Week Kitchens – Baths in A Week. Previously a well respected builder of homes in the premier Denver neighborhoods, Cherry Creek, Crestmoor, Hilltop and Park Hill, Toney now focuses her expertise on design services for remodeling, with a specialty in kitchens and bathrooms. “As a builder, I have been very mindful of project costs at every stage of every project. As your designer, I will help you identify your budget and work within it, offering you the latest quality products with exceptional value and workmanship”, Toney Continue reading