A bright modern kitchen for less money.

Changing the look of your kitchen is a piece of cake. Enameling is ideal for high use areas like kitchen cabinets. One of the most important reasons why enamel is popular is because of its durability. Enamel has a smooth surface that does not collect dirt as easily so it is easy to clean, and also resists marring and scratching, and looks beautiful. If you use good quality enamel instead of wall paint on your kitchen cabinets, it will provide you with a durable and long lasting finish.

Reface your existing cabinets, add new hardware, and shelving and suddenly you’ve got the look of a pricey remodel at about half the cost. Cabinet refacing changes the style of your cabinets using your existing cabinet boxes as the base.  Cabinet refacing uses a very intricate process using high-quality materials. To learn more about the process, check out the videos below.