The Added Benefits of an Extractor Fan

Exhaust fans are useful in any room in the house that has problems with smoke, gas or humidity, which makes them a perfect fit in most kitchens and bathrooms. Typically they are installed into drilled holes in the wall or into window panes. If you’re undergoing a kitchen remodel soon, here are some of the primary benefits of adding an extractor fan to your list of upgrades:

Are Hardwood Floors for You?

Hardwood floors are consistently a favorite among homeowners, because they simply never go out of style. They provide a natural, classic beauty to every room in the home. While you might not typically see wood floors in a kitchen, they do stand up to stains and spills quite well and can add a beautiful flow depending on the other décor in your kitchen.

Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Your Kitchen

We form strong feelings about colors. These associations impact how we feel in a room, and thus how we behave. The color of your kitchen can dramatically impact the kind of activities it sees. Get inspired. Choose one element to help you design your color scheme. Maybe it’s bold tile flooring, or sleek brushed steel appliances. Don’t commit just yet. First, envision what the rest of your space will look like. Once you have an idea, you can begin researching and dreaming, but stay flexible – the perfect complement to those tiles may not be available. Select the least flexible elements first. Before choosing a paint color, evaluate everything else in the room – cabinets, appliances, flooring and furniture. If the kitchen is open to the dining or other rooms, you’ll also need to consider how the paint color will complement other decor schemes. When remodeling your kitchen keep the color you Continue reading

Functional Reasons to Remodel

While many people choose to remodel their kitchens simply for aesthetic reasons, there are plenty of other reasons an upgrade might be necessary. Here are a few of the most common functional reasons people remodel their kitchens:  

Why You Should NOT Just Do It Yourself

There are a whole lot of homeowners who will take a look at a picture of a newly remodeled kitchen and think, “Wow, I should give that a try myself!” While there are definitely certain parts of a kitchen redesign project you can take on yourself, you are most likely going to need professional help with the bulk of the project to ensure it turns out exactly the way you want it to and to certain be that the end result adds value to your homes equity. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a professional kitchen designer: You’ll save time. Unless you have a fair amount of professional experience and training yourself, attempting to take on a kitchen remodeling project by yourself will almost certainly take significantly longer than it would if you hired a team of professionals to do it for you. You’ll avoid a lot of stress. You Continue reading

Lighting Tips

As you plan out your big kitchen remodel, don’t forget the lighting! Great lighting can really be an aspect of your kitchen that highlights all of its best aspects and can be the finishing touch you need to be fully satisfied with your upgrades. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your lighting in your kitchen: Plan it out ahead of time. You want to make sure all of your lighting makes sense and flows well with your design. Before you go ahead with making any purchases, make sure you’ve got a solid plan in place for how you want your space to be lit that includes general illumination, task lighting and then of course, some fun decorative lighting. This will help to avoid spending more money than you need to on redoing any areas of your lighting in the kitchen. The type of Continue reading

Navigating Your Plumbing

One of the areas you’ll want to figure into your kitchen remodel is your plumbing. Whether you’re looking to put in new sinks or simply want to upgrade your existing setup, you need to be on the lookout for certain common kitchen plumbing problems: Leaky taps. Leaky faucets can be ignored for a short period of time, but in the long run they can lead to high water or utility bills and could eventually cause some significant damage to your plumbing. Leaky taps can usually be fixed without much hassle if they’re caught early. You might just need to replace a couple washers, or the tap itself. But in more complicated circumstances you might need to lay some entirely new pipe. Clogged drains. Much like leaky taps, a clogged drain is a problem that can easily be fixed if caught early but could create some significant issues if you leave it alone Continue reading

Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

We all make mistakes – but you don’t have to! You might be tempted to do your own remodel, especially if you’re handy with tools and construction. Even the handiest people will make some big mistakes in a kitchen remodel without the proper design and planning. Here are a few of the most common kitchen design mistakes made during renovation: Lack of counter space. One of the biggest complaints people tend to have about kitchen designs is a lack of counter space. If you’re doing the job yourself, it can be easy to underestimate just how much space you’ll need for preparation and for placing appliances and other devices. Poor work triangle. You want your refrigerator, sink and cooktop to be in perfect spatial harmony, as these are the three most heavily utilized aspects of any kitchen. One of the most common flaws in kitchen design is to spread these elements too Continue reading

The Toughest Parts of Kitchen Remodels

Have you ever looked at your kitchen and had a grand vision of what it could become? Of course, for most of us, our dreams of the perfect kitchen tend to glance over the amount of work that needs to be done, as well as the difficulty of that work. If you do not have professional training, you could be in for a lot of frustration if you attempt to create your dream kitchen yourself. Here are some of the toughest parts of remodeling a kitchen: Electrical work. While a lot of people have experience with woodworking and general construction, electrical work is more of a niche field. It’s extremely necessary in kitchen remodeling, especially in major overhauls where you are changing the location of outlets and lighting fixtures, the way the room is wired and more. One wrong move with electrical work could be extremely dangerous. Adding a new suite Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Designer

Trying to decide if you should hire a designer? If not, you may be missing out on the absolute wonders they can bring your project. Unfortunately, many people worry that a designer will be exorbitantly expensive or take away their creative control. However, the opposite is typically true – designers are able to save you money while creating your dream space: just the way you imagine. Here are 5 top reasons why you should consider hiring a designer for your next project: You have a clear vision of what you want, but not how to pull it off. We’ve all been there – you know the exact style you like; and a huge file of bookmarked web images to prove it! However, replicating those inspirations to create a similar ambiance proves challenging. A good designer does more than choose the perfect sofa. They read the room, choosing pieces that work Continue reading

Guide to Remodeling Budgets

You’ve probably heard the expression “the kitchen is the heart of the home” and know how true that statement is! No matter the occasion; be it parties, holidays, or just every-single-day, you’re likely to find people congregating around the kitchen. With its bright illumination and enticing aromas, the kitchen maintains both style and function. It does more than simply provides meals – it provides experiences. With all this unfailing popularity, it comes to no surprise that the kitchen is often the most sought-after room in the house when it comes to remodeling. We dream about it, read magazines/blogs about it, even watch television shows dedicated to the beautiful kitchen makeovers! But what do these kitchens cost? The investment can vary greatly between one project and the next. Multiple variables can affect the overall cost of the remodel, including the size of the kitchen and what materials are used. From laminate Continue reading

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, or you simply want to change up your old color scheme, now is a good time to do it. But what’s hot in the world of kitchen design? Here are six kitchen design trends that we’re seeing more and more of for you to keep in mind when it comes time to redesign your kitchen: Bold Color Schemes We’re seeing a trend toward warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow. But don’t count out some cool colors such as blues and greens if that’s your preference, because they are also gaining in popularity. Kitchen Islands Islands often depend on the space available, but if you have the space and don’t have an island, add one. It’s really the focal point of any kitchen, and by adding an island, you will have additional seating, storage, and a food prep area. Or, if you Continue reading