Re-imagine Your Bathroom Vanity with These Ideas

Re-imagine Your Bathroom Vanity with These Ideas

In an age of Freecycle, Craigslist, and secondhand stores, something old has the potential to take on new life before it ends up in a landfill.

Before you look at buying a new piece of furniture for your bathroom, consider what items you might be able to re-purpose. Inspiration might be closer than you think, and these unconventional ideas will bring a unique touch to your bathroom.

Desks and Dressers

If you took away the cabinets below the sink in your bathroom vanity, it would probably look a lot like a desk. So, it’s no surprise that desks can be used as vanity replacements to bring a vintage look to your bathroom.

Beyond a unique look, desks are surprisingly functional as vanities, too. Drawers on the sides are ready-made storage and the space where a chair would go leaves plenty of room for plumbing.

bathroom vanity deskOne element that might not adapt so easily to the bathroom is the wood that most desks are made out of. Desks are designed to be in cool, dry offices, not rooms where hot showers occur multiple times per day.

If you are interested in preserving the look of the wood over time, you may want to consider waterproofing or other options to protect it against the moisture and humidity of a bathroom.

Similar to a desk, a dresser can be re-purposed into a bathroom vanity and might be a better option for taller people since they are typically higher up off the ground. Dressers might also require a little more work to turn into a vanity since they do not have a built-in opening like a desk does.

Other Considerations

You might have found a piece of furniture that looks great, but will it be functional in your home? Here are a few questions to consider before making a final decision about whether to abandon a traditional vanity in favor of a reclaimed desk or dresser:

  • Can I comfortably brush my teeth or wash my face while standing in front of it?
  • Can I see my whole face if I hang a mirror in front of it?
  • Who will be using this bathroom besides me? How tall are they? Children can use a stepstool, but you do not want to create a daily inconvenience for anyone else living in your home.

Turning Ideas into Reality

A designer like someone from our team at Three Week Kitchens can assess your current furniture or provide feedback on potential new purchases to help achieve the bathroom look you desire.

Once you’ve chosen your piece of furniture, it’s time to choose a basin, fixtures, and other elements that will make it a working part of your bathroom. We’ll also walk you through the process of transforming your furniture into a functional vanity, including plumbing and any other modifications that are needed.