Ask These Questions Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Ask These Questions Before Your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the center of many households, and the decision to remodel it is not one that should be taken lightly.

Before you sink your hard-earned money into a renovation, it’s important to ask yourself some hard questions about how the space is used, how you want it to look, and how quickly you need the renovation to be complete.

Coming into a consultation with honest answers to these questions will help the process run smoothly for you and your designer.

Kitchen Usepexels-photo-374073

Everyone can say that their kitchen is used for cooking and eating, but beyond that surface level how is it really used?

Factors to consider in answering this question are how many people are in your family, how often you entertain, and whether you plan to sell your home. Someone who entertains often will likely want a more open concept, while someone who is in their “forever” home can splurge on custom furnishings and finishes to match their taste.

Cost and Value

You probably have a laundry list of things you’d like to change about your kitchen, but for most of us it’s unlikely that we have the money in the budget to make all of them

Another important question to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend and what value you will receive from each part of the upgrade. Ranking your wish list in terms of value will help you decide what to tackle in your remodel and what can wait or be managed in another way.

When thinking about value, both consider monetary value and personal value. For example, it might cost a lot of money to change the configuration of your kitchen cabinets but it might be well worth it if you no longer have to stack dishes and pans like a jigsaw puzzle each time you take something out or put it away.


Function and Aestheticsshutterstock_287149472 (800×533)

Related to the first question about kitchen use, you should have a vision for how to prioritize functionality and aesthetics in your remodel. If you do not cook a lot, you may choose aesthetics. If you cook all the time and do not do much entertaining, you may choose function.

For example, those with young children may opt for countertops and appliances that are durable and long lasting, even if that means sacrificing a little visual appeal in the long run. On the other hand, empty nesters can opt for more extravagant but less durable options.

There’s also lots of wiggle room in these areas to cut costs if needed. Less expensive finishes and appliances can often look just as nice as their more expensive counterparts.


The final question to consider is how long you want your renovation to last. Taking a kitchen offline is an inconvenience for just about everyone, but a temporary lifestyle change may be easier for some.

Do you want the quickest solution possible, or are you willing to wait in order to have exactly what you want? Three Week Kitchens aims to provide the best of both worlds by planning each project down to the last detail to maximize time and minimize inconvenience.


We would love to help you answer these questions and develop a renovation plan that’s as unique as your home and your family. Additionally, check out our remodeling toolkit to help plan your next project here!