The Added Benefits of an Extractor Fan

Exhaust fans are useful in any room in the house that has problems with smoke, gas or humidity, which makes them a perfect fit in most kitchens and bathrooms. Typically they are installed into drilled holes in the wall or into window panes.

If you’re undergoing a kitchen remodel soon, here are some of the primary benefits of adding an extractor fan to your list of upgrades:

Controlling humidity. While this is more of a problem in the bathroom, it can also be an area of concern in kitchens, especially over the stove top. Regular steam and humidity can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew, which can lead to increased sensitivity for people who suffer from asthma and, when let go for long enough, can cause structural problems in walls and floors. An exhaust fan helps to remove that humidity from the room.

Controlling steam and fumes. Stove hood ventilation fans, for example, dispel steam and odors produced while cooking. This limits the damage done to nearby walls and ceilings. These stove hoods could either be vented or vent-less. Additionally, this prevents you from having to regularly wash grease off the walls near your stove.

range hood

Heat removal. Again, this is especially important for near the stove top and oven, where heat is most concentrated in the kitchen. Exhaust fans can help pull hot air away from the area. The fan can instead pull that heat up and out of the room, helping you to cool down your kitchen. This means you won’t have to avoid using your stove or oven on those hot summer days.

Maintain walls and wallpaper. Smoke and steam can wreak havoc on walls and wallpaper if you don’t engage in regular cleaning and maintenance. Having an exhaust fan to remove steam and smoke from the rooms keeps your walls and wallpaper in good shape.

modern range hood

To learn more about the kinds of exhaust fans you can install and additional benefits of having one in your kitchen, contact the remodeling experts at Three Week Kitchens today. We look forward to speaking with you!