Lighting Tips

As you plan out your big kitchen remodel, don’t forget the lighting! Great lighting can really be an aspect of your kitchen that highlights all of its best aspects and can be the finishing touch you need to be fully satisfied with your upgrades.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your lighting in your kitchen:image1

  • Plan it out ahead of time. You want to make sure all of your lighting makes sense and flows well with your design. Before you go ahead with making any purchases, make sure you’ve got a solid plan in place for how you want your space to be lit that includes general illumination, task lighting and then of course, some fun decorative lighting. This will help to avoid spending more money than you need to on redoing any areas of your lighting in the kitchen. The type of lighting, the number of fixtures and how they’re placed will depend on the size, layout and look of your kitchen.
  • Be sure you have task lighting. Task lighting should be located over the cooking surface, over counters, over the sink and any other work areas and tables you have in the kitchen. A good rule of thumb is to have them located approximately 30 inches over your work space.
  • Try recessed lights. Also known as can lights, these lights can provide some excellent ambient lighting for your room. Place them between 24 and 42 inches apart. These lights can light up the entire room, rather than just specific areas that do not have task lights.
  • Use under cabinet lighting. If you aren’t able to do a full kitchen remodel but still want to get better lighting over your work spaces, you can easily install lights under your cabinets that give you some added illumination at your work spaces.
  • Be mindful of colors. Be picky with the color of paint you choose for your kitchen in relation to your lighting. For example: white in your kitchen reflects light, which makes the space feel brighter. You can use reduced wattage of bulbs with white kitchens.