Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

We all make mistakes – but you don’t have to!

You might be tempted to do your own remodel, especially if you’re handy with tools and construction. Even the handiest people will make some big mistakes in a kitchen remodel without the proper design and planning.

Here are a few of the most common kitchen design mistakes made during renovation:

  • Lack of counter space. One of the biggest complaints people tend to have about kitchen designs is a lack of counter space. If you’re doing the job yourself, it can be easy to underestimate just how much space you’ll need for preparation and for placing appliances and other devices.
  • Poor work triangle. You want your refrigerator, sink and cooktop to be in perfect spatial harmony, as these are the three most heavily utilized aspects of any kitchen. One of the most common flaws in kitchen design is to spread these elements too far apart, or impede access from one to the other by planning improper door swings and poorly placed islands.
  • Lack of storage space. It’s not just a matter of how big your cabinets are or how many you have, but how well they are designed. A large cabinet doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll store more items, especially if it’s poorly designed — it’s all about space efficiency. It’s important to be careful with the dimensions you use for cabinets and shelves.
  • Poor island design. Kitchen islands can add some much-needed storage space and functionality, but if they’re poorly designed they can easily become more of a nuisance than anything else, especially if they block access to important parts of your kitchen like the stove or sink. There should be plenty of space for foot traffic around your kitchen island.
  • Poor lighting. You should have general lighting, lighting for specific tasks (such as over countertops and the sink) and, depending on the mood you’re going for in your kitchen, accent lighting. You don’t want to have dark workspaces or a kitchen that just feels dim and gloomy.