Dark and Steamy Bathroom Designs

Dark and Steamy Bathroom Designs

There’s something seductive and spa-like about a dark bathroom. Dark hues are moody, mysterious, and always memorable. Our team loves creating unique spaces, below is a collection of some of our favorites (both our concepts and others).

Sleek, Subway Titled Master Bathroom

The dark door and tub create a dramatic contrast in this master bath. We love how the gray walls and subway tile throughout tie it all together.


Dark tile in this bathroom make the atmosphere of this stunning bathroom very tranquil. Want to feel transported to a 5-star resort every time you hop in the shower? A darker color choice can help you achieve this sauna-vibe.

black tile

We think these black tile walls and pattern floor create such an inviting and unique space. This bohemian-style shower is both funky and functional.

bathroom remodel

Looking for something a little more subtle? This gray shower looks wonderful with these natural white and brown tones.

Whatever look you’re going for, our team can help you achieve your goals for the bathroom. Learn more about our services by clicking here.