Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Your Kitchen

Tips for Choosing a Paint Color for Your Kitchen

We form strong feelings about colors. These associations impact how we feel in a room, and thus how we behave. The color of your kitchen can dramatically impact the kind of activities it sees.

Have you ever noticed most fast food chains incorporate red and yellow into their design? Red, yellow and orange are associated with happiness, which in turn helps stimulate appetite. Cool colors like blue and purple signal sadness, and are less appetizing.

Does this mean your kitchen needs to look like a burger joint to welcome hungry visitors? Of course not!Red Kitchen

Get inspired

Choose one element to help you design your color scheme. Maybe it’s bold tile flooring, or sleek brushed steel appliances. Don’t commit just yet. First, envision what the rest of your space will look like. Once you have an idea, you can begin researching and dreaming, but stay flexible – the perfect complement to those tiles may not be available.

Select the least flexible elements first

Before choosing a paint color, evaluate everything else in the room – cabinets, appliances, flooring and furniture. If the kitchen is open to the dining or other rooms, you’ll also need to consider how the paint color will complement other decor schemes. When remodeling your kitchen keep the color you like in mind, but don’t let it drive your decisions if you see cabinetry you prefer or appliances at a better price.

Look to the light

The amount of light in your kitchen – artificial or natural – impacts how color works in the room. If you have poor lighting, dark colors and matte finishes may make your kitchen seem dreary. Take paint samples home to see how they work in your kitchen first.

Don’t be afraid of color

White kitchens are a popular trend today, but don’t be afraid to select a color that speaks to you. Unconventional colors can make neutral cabinets and countertops pop. Sometimes paint color actually covers little surface area after cabinets and backsplashes, so a wall can be the perfect place to add a splash of color.

Paint color is one of the easiest factors you can change about your kitchen design. While it’s important to choose thoughtfully, remember that you can always paint over it.

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