Bathroom Remodeling: Creating a Vanity with the Proper Size and Storage

If you need a bathroom remodel in Denver, you have plenty of things to think about depending on the size and style you want. Out of all things in your bathroom to consider, the vanity is going to be a central point that should get serious attention. Fortunately, vanities can be fully and easily customizable so you can decide what size you prefer, how much storage you want and whether you want a retro or modern design.

What usually works the best for most people? Considering you’ll be spending plenty of time standing in front of a vanity, you have to think of how useful it’s going to be.

Vanity Size

For a small bathroom, your vanity doesn’t have to take up an entire wall side. Sometimes they can just take up one corner of the bathroom to leave room for other things. Floating vanities are particularly stylish and don’t take up as much vertical space as vanities built from the floor do. They can also have drawer space implemented while leaving room underneath to place other items.

Sometimes people take existing items and turn them into small vanities, like tables. Even a small cabinet once used in another room can be a stylish vanity that’s easily portable rather than permanent.

While smaller sizes can still add style to a small bathroom, larger vanities should still be considered if you have the space. Particularly if you have a large family, a lengthy vanity that goes across an extensive wall can enable multiple family members to be in the bathroom at once. That works well when you add numerous mirrors along a vanity to make it resemble a dressing room.

Deciding How Much Storage You Need

Storage on a vanity is going to be important when you don’t want bathroom items sitting out in the open. While you want some things within easy reach, bathroom supplies can start to add up over time and create clutter. The more drawer space you can create on your vanity, the better, if perhaps only for future use.

Some people incorporate cabinetry next to their vanities as the main area of storage. Towels and more unsightly bathroom items can go easily in there or in bottom drawers. Traditionally, most of those drawers work similarly to what you see around a kitchen sink, meaning a combination of pull out drawers and bottom doors with hinges.

Going Modern or Retro

Going retro with your vanity will depend on the overall interior design scheme of the rest of your house. Using old cabinets as mentioned above can bring a nice retro feel to a bathroom. Going modern can mean a number of things, including using contemporary design to give a spa-like feel to a large bathroom. You can add a combination of the two by adding towel bars to the bottom of the vanity while also adding open shelf space.

Whatever vanity you have in mind, we can customize it for you here at Three Week Kitchens, Baths in a Week. We want to bring good design to you without forcing you to pay a fortune for quality materials. We’ve successfully done that for 15 years and pride ourselves for bringing the qualities of a local business.

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