3 Weeks to a Kitchen Remodel

There are many reasons a kitchen remodel is a good idea this winter. Maybe you are tired of over-crowded counters. Maybe you want a more open and welcoming layout so family and friends can join you in the kitchen. Maybe you are thinking of some home upgrades and know the value of investing in your kitchen. Those are all great reasons to start a kitchen remodel that can be completed in three weeks, just in time for your holiday entertaining plans!

Want some fun ideas to think about including in your remodel? Here are a few of our favorites.

1) A built-in coffee center featuring your favorite espresso or cappuccino machine. Not only will you save valuable counter space and contribute to a sleek overall look, but you can be your own home barista. Other built-in features (like dishwashers) can be placed in your kitchen, as well.

2) Cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen, and popular cabinet styles include anything minimal and modern. Saving counter- and wall-space but boosting storage capacity are two goals of cabinetry. Innovative materials like bamboo and semi-translucent glass add a distinct look to your kitchen.

3) Custom countertops are a big way you can put a personal touch on your kitchen remodel. This option allows you to select a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and stainless steel. Think of a butcher block or marble pastry slab and go from there!

Contact us today to set up your initial interview, where we will begin to determine your preferences and schedule an appointment with a design specialist. Our design specialist will meet with you in a three-step process that will lead to our 3-Week Guaranteed Kitchen Remodel. Call today to get started!