Flooring Ideas for your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

It may not seem like much, but a great bathroom can make or break a home sale. These often overlooked workhorses are some of the most important functional rooms in your home, alongside the kitchen, and are therefore often targetted for remodelling.

With so many working parts, though, it’s hard to know where to start when planning to renovate a bathroom. So, what you can try is starting from the ground (or in this case, flooring), and work your way up.

So before you start looking for bathroom remodeling firms in Denver, consider some of these ideas for bathroom flooring:

Tile: Classic and beautiful, tile flooring gives you many different colors and design choices, which comes in handy when your design is still up in the air. With so many options, tile flooring makes it easy to match your bathroom’s new fixtures or paint job, and really bring a whole new light to the whole room.

Stone or Granite: If you’re not looking forward to having to clean grout, stone or granite flooring might be a better idea. While not too dissimilar to tile, stone and granite offers even more options as far as design goes, and their earthy tones can complement both modern and traditional designs very well.

Wood or Synthetic Wood: It’s not a very common choice, but wood floored bathrooms are nothing if not unique. Especially if your house has a more natural or rustic theme to the design, keeping that au naturale look going through the bathroom as well can be a great idea – plus, it really complements your bamboo toothbrushes. Using synthetic woods, such recylced ceramic composites, can also be a great alternative.

No matter what flooring you decide on for your Denver home, having it installed professionally, and, just as importantly, on time, is important. Three Week Kitchens, Baths in a Week can get your new bathroom up and running in, you guessed it, as little as one week. If you’re ready to renovate your Denver kitchen or bath, visit our website, or call us at 303-393-1053.