Denver Bathroom Remodel: Helpful Design Tips for your New Bathroom

Consider all your options: If you’re investing the time and money into a remodel, dream big! Always wanted natural stone tiles? Marble counters? A jacuzzi tub? Don’t rule anything out until you’ve taken time to do your research. Remember that simple things, like a curved shower rod, add spa-like touches for a fraction of the cost.

Think accent pieces/unique fixtures: It’s easy to turn a traditional bathroom design into a show-stopping conversation piece with the addition of a few simple elements. Select unique towel racks, light fixtures, brightly colors faucets or bold accent tiles to make the room pop without breaking the bank.

Plan for storage: One of the most pressing reasons for a bathroom remodel is lack of storage space. Maximize the room you have with built-in shower storage in the form of recessed cubbyholes, a lot wall space for extra cabinets or hanging baskets and choose a vanity with plenty of drawer space.

Lighting: One of the most important and most often overlooked features of your remodeled room is the lighting. Evaluate the natural light in your bathroom so you are able to properly place the lights and illuminate the room. Make sure to consider important elements like interior lights for the shower and focused, brighter lights over the sink.

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