Four Tips for Designing your Custom Kitchen

If you’re evaluating adding a custom designed kitchen to your home than consider these four, important tips that will help you cover all your bases and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product.

1) Choosing a theme: Selecting a theme for your kitchen provides a central goal for you to center your construction and decor choices around. It simplifies your decision making process and ensures the color palette, wood tones and appliances will all compliment each other. Optional themes include; all-white kitchens which feature open spaces, light colors and chrome fixtures and Asian themes which utilize rich, warm wood tones, bamboo accents and gold fixtures. The reality is that nothing is off limits! Be creative and feel free to mix and match your style preferences to create your dream kitchen.

2) Creating a floor plan: Choose your preferred location for appliances,seating areas and counters. Make sure you evaluate where the plumbing and electrical hook-ups currently are – rewiring or adding new pipes is usually feasible but will be an additional expense for your remodeling project.

3) Selecting lighting/fixtures: Do you prefer the look of gentle, recessed lighting? Does your kitchen need the bold features of industrial lighting? Make sure all food preparation areas are well-lit! Examine the wide variety of colors and metals that light fixtures, faucets and door handles come in – they’re a creative way to add elegance or unique colors without breaking the bank.

4) Personalizing: Whether it’s a Moroccan tiled back-splash, turquoise accent wall or unique patterned counter tops make sure your kitchen has your design fingerprints all over it.

Contact us for a price quote from the kitchen design experts or if you need help brainstorming design ideas. We look forward to helping you create your dream kitchen!