Need a Bathroom Remodel to Accommodate Special Needs? Denver Residents Have a Quick, Beautiful Option

One of the unfortunate components that accompanies loss of mobility, yet also one of the least mentioned, is difficulty with bathing and toileting. Whether the root of the mobility issue is arthritis, instability, or injury of the knees or back, the results are typically the same- loss of privacy and the ability to complete basic self-care needs. The need for in home safety becomes paramount for those who will be remaining in their homes.

Self-care deficits are cited as being a common cause of needing nursing or care intervention while at home. Patients often need assistance with the personal care aspects, and with the safety and accessibility of their bathroom. Nursing Diagnosis recommends the implementation of interventions to assist with deficits and improve outcomes for those patients who have reduced mobility.

Bathroom remodels in Denver can be simple, quick and affordable- all while addressing the needs of the client. If you have found yourself in the position of needing to accommodate special needs, a bathroom remodel should be a priority. Partnering with a design company that can assist you during the entire process and ensure a timely completion can give you much needed time to address other changes needed in the home.

Would you like to have a designer and specialist in architectural finishes come to your home to work with you? Do you want the specialized attention to detail that will make your bathroom a safe, comfortable space yet still maintain its beauty? Whether you are looking for a complete remodel or simply the necessary changes to increase use and efficiency, there area affordable solutions.

Three Week Kitchens, Baths in a Week is an innovative company whose reputation for innovative design, architectural integrity, and consummate professionalism has made them an industry leader. Understanding that any changes to your home are an investment in your future, we strive to provide good design and service partnered with quick delivery and a value priced product. We invite you to contact us and we will work with you to design a space that will reflect your style, yet incorporate your needs.