The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Design and Renovation

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen.  It’s the center to a family’s activities.  It’s where family meals are prepared, guests entertained, and food consumed during a sleepy morning haze.  A kitchen is an important place.  It deserves special attention.  A kitchen deserves to be remodeled. Would a kitchen look better with an island?  How about filled with a variety of stainless steel appliances and farmhouse sinks?  The appearance of many kitchens could be improved if they had customizable cabinets and countertops.  A kitchen renovation could consist of some or all of these improvements. Kitchens are places that require a lot of storage.  Appliances as well as pots, pans and a variety of cooking ingredients need to be easily accessible.  It’s also a place where utensils, plates, glasses as well as mugs and more must be kept. Another important reason to have a kitchen renovated Continue reading

Home Remodeling for Retirement

Are you part of the Baby Boomer revolution? If you were born between the years 1946 and 1964 you were one of an estimated 10,958 births per day in the U.S. and you are now in your 50’s to late 60’s- reaching or in retirement age. Many of today’s Boomers are planning to bypass the traditional assisted living or retirement communities and instead age-in-place. Advanced planning for retirement is a mantra to the Baby Boomer demographic and most have worked hard to ensure financial independence with the plan of remaining self-sufficient and in their homes. Would you consider your home ‘ready’ for retirement? As much as you have prepared your financial portfolio for both the expected and unexpected events that occur with the progression of age, your home will need the same considerations. Even those who maintain optimal health and wellness in advancing years still need to keep safety and quality of life Continue reading

Cabinetry Options Abound

When asking homeowners which element of their kitchen would they like to change most, it’s almost always the kitchen cabinets. Whether they are outdated, damaged or simply just unsightly they are the major focal point of any kitchen and can cause the biggest esthetic improvement. There are several options when considering changes to cabinetry, all of which will improve the dynamics of your kitchen. The first option is rehabilitation; if the boxes are still in good shape, and the client just wants to refresh the look, new doors and veneer can provide the desired effect quickly and economically. There is always the option of simply replacing your current cabinetry with new boxes, for those who like their current layout. For those who do not like their current setup and want more or different type of cabinets a kitchen redesign is for them.  Cabinet designs have drastically improved throughout the last few decades Continue reading