Instant PIZAZZ with Granite Counter Top

For most, the word “remodel” produces a mixture of trepidation, sweaty palms and heart palpatations. Can I afford that? My kitchen is so small! Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Even the smallest of kitchens has the potential to become a warm and inviting gathering place in your home. All you need are the right pieces with the right touch. Granite slabs or other solid surface materials provide an overhaul of exhisting laminate counter top- which can become dingy and peel away from existing surfaces over time. Corners of laminate kitchen counter tops and islands show their wear and tear with every new year. Ever notice that laminate picks up every spaghetti stain? How about that grocery list you wrote in permanent marker during a mad dash out the door? Even bleach won’t remove the dinners and oopsies of kitchen past. Granite provides the remedy! Granite Continue reading

Large tiles for big impact

Large format tiles have been increasing in popularity for some time now. As technology has improved, manufacturers are able to produce thinner, more durable ceramic tiles in sizes not previously feasible. With that improvement in technology has come a corresponding reduction in price, making large format tiles something accessible to ever-widening audiences. From a design perspective, large tiles can serve a number of purposes: they can create the illusion of depth in small spaces, giving length and depth with their dramatic proportions; they can provide a more modern look, in contrast to the small, square tiles that have been available for millennia; and they can lend a clean, sleek look by minimizing the appearance of grout lines.