The 3&1 Program Versus Traditional Design

Three Week Kitchens, Baths in a Week was borne of our appreciation of the necessity of good design coupled with the belief that it should be accessible as well as beautiful, as form should follow function. We understand that our clients look to us to provide a quick, easy and beautiful designer kitchen or bath update without the lengthy, exhausting and overwhelming traditional design process. 3&One was created is to simplify the process of selecting and specifying your remodel through all phases, from the first design meeting to the moment the project is finished.

Rather than spending time at the stoneyard, the lighting showroom, the tile store and the appliance wholesaler, we’ve set out to streamline the selection process, and to lessen the challenges presented by the seemingly endless stream of choices. By choosing selections from an “a la carte” menu, our designers are able to show you the best product available for you, while minimizing the amount of extraneous time spent combing through irrelevant product that doesn’t suit your space, tastes, or budget.

Our designers create schemes based on what we determine together will best suit your needs, both aesthetic and budgetary. From these initial ideas, you will be able to select those elements that suit you to create a final scheme that you’ll truly love. Our clients are amazed at how simply their ideas become reality, with the help of our experienced design team.

By utilizing our streamlined design process, as well the most up-to-date and functional tools available to us, we are able to create the best possible design for your tastes, traditional or modern, contemporary or classical. We make suggestions also based on what your budget allows, and our designers are experts in creating the look and feel you want while keeping the costs to a minimum. Best of all, it’s done with a minimum of disruption to you, the client.

Whether you’ve worked with a designer before or you’re new to the remodeling process, we’re here to assist you in creating a space that will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations, and we’ll make sure that the experience is as simple and efficient as possible. The kitchen or bath of your dreams is only a few weeks away.