How To Decorate Your Conservatory To Make It More Pleasant

A conservatory has potential to be one of the most relaxing and pleasant rooms in the house. Of course it has lots of large windows and a glass ceiling which enables you to relax and listen to the pitter patter of the rain when it’s wet, and that allows you to enjoy the sun when it’s warm. At the same time as a room that has no ‘purpose’ as such, you don’t need to take up lots of space with a big ugly TV or a large and inconvenient dining table. This is why it’s such a great room to really enjoy decorating. Here we will look at how to make the most of this opportunity.

Wood Flooring

First of all you will want to make sure that your conservatory feels natural and like a great place to relax and to this end you should try and surround the room with natural feeling decorations and fittings. To this end wooden flooring is perfect for making the room feel earthy and like a healthy place to be and it will match the view of the garden outside.

At the same time wooden flooring is also great for how easy it is to maintain. One of the slight drawbacks of a conservatory is the fact that it has people walking in and out all the time which makes the floor dirty easily. By keeping wooden flooring you can ensure the dirt and mud doesn’t get walked into the carpet fibers and this means you can easily clean with a dust pan and brush or just a broom. If you can’t afford hardwood flooring then laminate will create a similar impact.


For your furniture you should again look into a kind of modern-yet-natural look to match the feel of the room. Wooden tables are again good, and in a room like this a coffee table is perfect for holding drinks and magazines. In terms of sofas you should go for a leather-type look but might want to think twice about using actual leather – as this can become very sweaty when the sun is shining directly on the room. Think of plain furniture that will mimic the natural feeling of the room, but avoid anything that will get too hot and sweaty.


You should avoid having too much clutter in your conservatory, as again you are trying to create a room that feels relaxing and natural and clutter can be somewhat claustrophobic. As such choose just a few very nice ornaments and look for things that match the cultured and outdoorsy feel of the room – such as wooden carvings from holidays or Japanese paintings to hang on the walls. You should also look into potentially investing in a fountain or even a water fall to go in the room. This fits the natural ethos of the room, and at the same time I incredibly relaxing and pleasant. For the days when you don’t have the sound of the rain on the roof, you can mimic it this way with the trickling sound of a fountain.

This post was written by Jamie Kirk. He writes about home improvement, home decor, design and construction. He believes that with right decoration cheap conservatories can put the expensive ones to shame.