Powder Room Pizzazz

Powder rooms can be the most challenging room in your home to decorate as they are usually small with no natural light. This is a space that should be opulent & luxurious and it’s an ideal space to step out of the ordinary. This room is a perfect venue to adorn your walls with a tame texture, delicate damask, fun floral or stately striped wallpaper.

I know what your thinking wall paper in a bathroom “not a good idea”, however powder rooms have very little moisture build up due to not having a shower or bathtub. Many of us still remember the curse and horror of peeling and out-dated wallpaper that clung to the walls of our homes. It seemed like such a great solution to add a little pizzazz to your room but, as many good ideas go, wallpaper fell short. This once mainstream wall covering went by the wayside and was thought to be the thing of the past.

However—with innovations in the printing processes and distribution—wallpaper is making a comeback into the market and into our home. With these new wallpaper possibilities many homeowners are reevaluating its many virtues. Wallpaper has the ability to add texture, color and pattern to your walls. No matter what your style is; wallpaper has an option out there ready and waiting to make your walls stand out in a beautiful way.

Wallpaper manufacturers even have an option for the Eco-conscious consumer. Wallpapers are now being printed on recycled or FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) paper with water-based inks. Some manufacturers are reclaiming old used vinyl wall coverings and using it to produce new wall coverings. Making it easier to have your very own Eco Chic room!