Kitchen & Bath Designer – Yes! Designer Price – NO!

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is a hot topic these days. A designer’s services will assure you of quality and distinctive style, but you may question – will a designer remodel break your bank? Debra Toney emphatically says, “NO!” “We believe that an investment in good design enhances one’s quality of life and should be available to everyone and priced accordingly, “states Debra Toney, 3 Week Kitchens – Baths in A Week. Previously a well respected builder of homes in the premier Denver neighborhoods, Cherry Creek, Crestmoor, Hilltop and Park Hill, Toney now focuses her expertise on design services for remodeling, with a specialty in kitchens and bathrooms. “As a builder, I have been very mindful of project costs at every stage of every project. As your designer, I will help you identify your budget and work within it, offering you the latest quality products with exceptional value and workmanship”, Toney Continue reading

What’s Taking So Long??

“Why is my remodel taking so long?” This is something I hear a lot lately, and as a person who prides herself on exceptional customer service, it makes me cringe! But it’s a question that needs answering: why is it taking so long just to get these projects designed, bid, approved by the homeowners and into the production queue? I’ve got a few ideas. Getting into the queue: Since the burst of the housing bubble, if you’re still in business, you’ve trimmed your staff significantly. For a small to mid-size architectural/design firm, that means that you’ve cut back to one or two designers who perform most all the office functions; the designers are now acting as not only designers but they answer phones, work the front desk, serve as production assistants, estimators, etc. The owner might be taking care of the sales and administration on top of being the design Continue reading